Assets & Narco-Trafficking

Today’s post mentions how a tip collected from Colombian authorities revealed a bribery scheme thought to involve drug kingpin Jose Bayron Piedrahita-Ceballos.

During your asset search gather tips from witnesses who not only know about your adversary’s assets but are also at odds with your adversary. If you are litigating

 The TV shanking of fictional lawyer Dan Wachsberger at Breaking Bad’s 54th episode.  In the 53rd episode, Wachsberger hid monies in safety deposit boxes & became a DEA informant.

shutterstock_213220519Say My Name” is the 53rd episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad series & it showed fictional lawyer Dan Wachsberger hiding illicit

An April 20, 2010 statement from the U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona memorializes the U.S. Department of Justice strategy for fighting the scourge of Mexico’s drug cartels.  The April 20th statement indicates that the Department of Justice concentrates on: gathering intelligence about the cartels; targeting cartel leaders for extradition and seizing illicit assets; investigating the cartels’ U.S. crimes like gun and bulk cash smuggling; battling the cartels’ violent crimes and narco-trafficking in the U.S.; and prosecuting cartel members in federal court.

This statement additionally mentioned the Mérida Initiative, (referred to herein as "the Initiative"), which is funding equipment and training for Mexico to fight the cartels.  Some of the Initiative’s expenditures are listed at the excerpt below from Table 3, p. 25 of the "Merida Initiative: The United States Has Provided Counternarcotics and Anticrime Support but Needs Better Performance Measures":

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