Fred L. Abrams, Attorney at Law is an asset recovery lawyer that helps high asset clients trying to recover assets during their divorce or afterwards. A high-asset-divorce / high-net-worth divorce can be incredibly complicated, especially if your spouse has hidden community property or other assets by crossing international borders.  This can mean your spouse has hidden assets in an offshore trust, Swiss or other foreign bank account or employed other cross-border elements against you. Furthermore, the Court can help you if you do not shoulder your burden of demonstrating your spouse has assets hidden in offshore trusts, a Swiss bank account, etc. If you do not provide legally sufficient evidence that the hidden assets exist, then the Court can not valuate these assets and distribute them to you as community assets in your divorce.

Additionally, your spouse might claim he / she has been completely transparent about marital assets. However, due diligence can still require that you try to conclusively establish whether your spouse is telling you the truth. In order to do this, Fred L. Abrams can devise a legal strategy with this goal in mind. If financial evidence or assets are located offshore, Mr. Abrams may recommend you seek letters rogatory. Letters rogatory may be used to obtain admissible evidence from foreign witnesses who possess first-hand knowledge of your spouse’s financial affairs. Therefore, you might be able to use letters rogatory to gather evidence for your divorce proceeding, showing your spouse has a secret offshore bank account or secret offshore trust. This can be the case even if this evidence about the offshore bank account or offshore trust is located in a tax haven like Switzerland, which has especially strong bank secrecy laws (a.k.a. professional secrecy laws).

Fred L. Abrams an asset recovery lawyer, could also use other tools to elicit evidence demonstrating your spouse owns hidden assets or that your spouse misrepresented the value of assets. Depending on your circumstances, just some of these additional tools can include: using a private financial investigator based in the United States or offshore, working with foreign attorneys based in tax haven countries; using supercomputing technology at TransUnion TLOxp which filters through billions of records in seconds, issuing subpoenas to credit card companies for details of your spouse’s lifestyle and physical movements, bringing domestic and / or offshore forced collection proceedings; etc. Additionally, when it comes to high-value divorces or business deals, working with the private financial investigator best suited for your particular case can be critically important in shaping the outcome of your case.

For example, if it comes to light that your spouse has been hiding assets, that might possibly lead to a better divorce settlement. If it comes to light that a business associate has been hiding assets, that may similarly help you reach a settlement. Whether you need a private financial investigator, an offshore trust search to uncover hidden assets, etc., a hidden asset Attorney like Fred L. Abrams can perform the proper investigation and search. This is why Attorney Fred L. Abrams  can work with high-net-worth divorce clients or business clients who believe that business associates and partners may be hiding wealth.

Furthermore, as an asset recovery lawyer, Fred L. Abrams knows the complex legal issues which can effect your asset recovery case.  These legal issues can involve: bank secrecy laws across the globe, treaties between different countries, domestic and foreign money laundering laws, tax evasion laws, document retention policies at banks for keeping a customer’s account information, admissibility of evidence illegally obtained by a client’s private financial investigators, laws requiring banks to identify the owner of a bank account, (a.k.a. know your customer rules), whether you are eligible for an IRS or SEC reward program, etc. Therefore, Fred L. Abrams an attorney that can help find hidden assets, may be able to help you increase your chances of identifying hidden assets and wealth.

How to Find Hidden Assets

 If you suspect that your spouse could have hidden assets to prevent you from getting the divorce settlement you deserve, there may be a broad range of legal remedies available to you. To learn what legal remedies are available to, you may need a hidden assets lawyer. Such a lawyer may be able to recover hidden assets on your behalf or could increase the odds that you well receive a fair divorce settlement. This can be true even if your spouse is hiding assets in a sophisticated scheme that relies on an offshore trust, a Swiss bank account or other concealment methods.

If you investigate your spouse’s claims about his / her net worth, the most important thing to know is that hidden money creates a money trail. There is a money trail even if your spouse converts community property into cashier’s checks drawn from a domestic bank, travels with the cashier’s checks via a passenger jet to the Cayman Islands and then deposits the checks into a Cayman Islands bank account.  Although your spouse took these steps to disguise the true origin of the community property there will be a money trail which explains what happened.  Among other things, your spouse’s money trail consists of documentary evidence at: the domestic bank that issued the cashier’s checks, the airline your spouse used to travel to the Cayman Islands and at the Cayman Islands bank where the cashier’s checks were deposited. In other words, no matter what method your spouse employs, there will always be a money trail for you to try to detect.

Meanwhile, Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law, a “find hidden assets lawyer”, Fred may help you find a money trail in your case.  Mr. Abrams also might be able to interdict the hidden assets on your behalf no matter where your spouse ultimately placed them.  Mr. Abrams does this by working with private financial investigators in and / or in other parts of the world. One way Mr. Abrams and these private financial investigators look for your spouse’s money trails, is to focus on your spouse’s lifestyle and physical movements.  These details can sometimes be gathered from: subpoenaed credit card, bank & phone records, hotels your spouse stayed at, witness interviews, tips from informants and by placing your spouse under physical surveillance. Finally, if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets from you, contact Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law, a “find hidden assets lawyer”.

Offshore Trust Search

If you suspect your spouse may be hiding assets in your divorce, you may want your lawyer to perform an offshore trust search. An offshore trust search lawyer, Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law can advise what legal tools are available to you find hidden assets. What are some signs that your spouse could be hiding assets?

  • During your vacation with your spouse to an offshore tax haven, your spouse sneaks away alone to visit a bank there.
  • You find some documents your spouse hid from you in your home and they are brochures from companies that offer asset protection; an application from a foreign bank for opening an offshore bank account, etc.
  • Your spouse keeps you in the dark about investments, property owned, or how your community property wealth is handled.
  • Your spouse restricts your access to mail or your spouse keeps an offshore post office box.
  • Your spouse uses an offshore debit or offshore credit card.
  • Your spouse regularly makes large purchases, or sales, or is involved in large business deals but conceals their true nature &/or financial outcome.
  • Your spouse keeps money in offshore accounts, such as Swiss bank accounts and you don’t know the city & / or canton these offshore banks reside in. Nor do you even know the names of these offshore banks.
  • Your spouse transfers assets to a domestic trust or offshore trusts put secretly retains control over these supposed trust assets.
  • Your spouse is secretive about your spouse’s conversations or communications with a financial advisor, or accountant, or banker and you are not permitted to meet with any of them.
  • Your spouse parks large sums of money at offshore trusts or at Swiss bank accounts even though there is no economic benefit in doing this.

If you think your spouse is placing assets beyond your reach, you may want to speak to an offshore trust search lawyer. Offshore trust search attorney Fred L. Abrams, Attorney at Law works closely with individuals going through high net-worth-divorces. Mr. Abrams may be able to help you track community property or may be able to help you get the best possible divorce settlement in your case. 

How a Private Financial Investigator Can Help You

Fred L. Abrams, an asset recovery Attorney has worked with a broad range of private financial investigators.  Mr. Abrams has worked with: a former Criminal Intelligence Specialist at Scotland Yard, a former high-ranking official from U.S. Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network; a former Vice President at a global bank who investigated money laundering cases, a former IRS Special Agent, a former U.S. Secret Service Special Agent, a former FBI Special Agent, and a former Intelligence Officer for a foreign government.

Mr. Abrams will select the best equipped private financial investigator for your particular case.  By doing this, Mr. Abrams increases your chances of detecting or interdicting your adversary’s assets.  This is true whether your legal claim against your adversary arises out of: a high-net-worth divorce, monies you are owed due to an unsatisfied money judgment, assets part of a decedent’s assets / an inheritance under a will, assets stolen by one business partner from the other, illicit proceeds of a Ponzi schemer, etc.

After Mr. Abrams selects the best private financial investigator(s) for your case, Mr. Abrams will work closely with these investigators. This is important to reach your goal of collecting legally sufficient evidence that can be used to support your claims in Court. This is especially true, if you do not already possess a judgment against your adversary. The following are some examples. You will need legally sufficient evidence for the Court in Zurich, Switzerland,  (i.e. Obergericht des Kantons Zurich), if you want to block a Swiss bank account in Zurich. Similarly, if your adversary maintains a bank account you will need legally sufficient evidence to freeze or seize the account. You would also need legally sufficient evidence to gather your adversary’s bank account information. Furthermore, if you wanted to collect your adversary’s bank account information at a bank in Amsterdam, you would need to present legally sufficient evidence to the District Court in Amsterdam (i.e. Rechtbank Amsterdam). Contact Fred L. Abrams, asset recovery Attorney, if you possess a claim against your adversary and need to find or interdict your adversary’s hidden assets.  Finally, Mr. Abrams will select the best equipped financial private investigator or elsewhere, to help you with your case.  Then, Mr. Abrams will work with this financial private investigator and use other tools to seek legally sufficient evidence you can use against your adversary in your court case.

Swiss Bank Account Search 

Swiss bank accounts offer their owners a great deal of privacy because of strong Swiss bank secrecy laws, (a.k.a. professional secrecy laws).  Meanwhile, at the time a Swiss bank is opened, the banker is required to determine who the beneficial owner of the bank account is. This requirement has become ritualized in Switzerland by requiring a bank customer to fill out a Declaration of Beneficial Ownership—commonly referred to as a “Form A.” This happens at the time the bank customer opens the Swiss bank account and the Swiss bank follows its “know your customer” rules. The problem is that unless there are obvious inconsistencies at the Declaration of Beneficial Ownership, the bank typically relies on whatever the bank customer says.  Furthermore, a large number of Swiss bank accounts are titled in the name of shell companies which can be established with sham directors who are straw persons.  These factors make it easy for a high-net-worth spouse, a Ponzi schemer, a drug trafficker and others to open a Swiss bank account with anonymity and then secretly deposit vast sums of money into this Swiss bank account.

Meanwhile, Fred L. Abrams a Swiss bank account search lawyer, may be able to help you. This is because a Swiss bank account search lawyer knows there are legal tools that may be available in Switzerland to help you detect and / or interdict assets at a Swiss bank account. To cite just one example, you may be able to gather evidence from a Swiss bank if your spouse used a Swiss bank account to fraudulently conceal assets from you during your divorce.  This is true even if your divorce is pending outside of Switzerland, in places like the United States, France, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc. Therefore, if you suspect a spouse, business associate or someone else is hiding money from you in a Swiss bank account contact a  Swiss bank account search lawyer, Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law.

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