A low-cost asset search; two ex-JP Morgan bankers accused of concealing trading losses; and Rafael Caro Quintero:

International asset recovery and suspected trade-based money laundering:

  1. As Britain a safe haven for plundered assets – experts stated, “successful international asset recovery is notoriously difficult because of the often complex web of financial transactions used to hide illegal sources of money, as well as a lack of cooperation between different countries…”  This

Liberty Reserve’s red flags, a new Swiss bill and letters rogatory:

  1. Liberty Reserve’s money laundering spotted in 2009” reports the Costa Rican Financial Intelligence Unit had investigated Liberty Reserve because of  red flags.  This article too mentions that the Financial Intelligence Unit had turned the Liberty Reserve investigation over to Costa Rican

This Asset Search News Roundup discusses the Secrecy for Sale Project and the indictment of a NY attorney along with a Swiss banker:

I)  The US-based  International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, (“ICIJ”), analyzed more than 2.5 million documents in its Secrecy for Sale Project.  The Project began after the ICIJ received a computer hard

A whistleblower claim against Deutsche Bank and HSBC’s settlement with U.S. Treasury:

This Asset Search News Roundup reports on Michael and Linda Mastro’s supposed concealment of two diamond rings-

The October 25, 2012 indictment of Michael Mastro and his wife Linda, alleges violations of money laundering and bankruptcy fraud laws.  Among other things, the indictment accuses the Mastros of fraudulently hiding portable valuable commodities, such as

Recovering corruption proceeds and related issues:

  1. At a news release, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development notes that in twelve years, French authorities had just five convictions in cases arising out of the bribery of foreign officials.  The news release claims that French authorities have a “lacklustre response” to cases involving actual or

The name of a whistleblower is reportedly leaked and concealing assets in Luxembourg: