Peter Madoff’s $4 million dollar co-op and the effort to recover assets from Peregrine Financial Group, Inc.

  1. The NYC Park Avenue co-op which belonged to Bernard Madoff’s younger brother Peter, has just been listed for sale.  The $4 million dollar co-op is being sold as part of the asset forfeiture agreement connected to Peter Madoff’s June 29th guilty plea on securities fraud, tax fraud conspiracy and additional charges.
  2. As set forth at a press release, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission filed a July 10, 2012 civil complaint in U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission v. Peregrine Financial Group, Inc., et. al., Index No. 12-cv-05383.  A July 17th order then appointed a temporary receiver in the case, with authority over assets beneficially owned by Peregrine’s founder, Russell R. Wasendorf, Sr.  To help recover assets, the order authorizes the receiver to hire former employees of Wasendorf Sr. or his companies.  Pages 5-6  ¶ I of the order indicates that these employees include a chief financial officer, a head pilot and the manager of My Verona, LLC, which is a restaurant:

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