Alleged medicare fraud, joint tax audits and recovered art are discussed by this "Asset Search News Roundup":

  1. Federal prosecutors announced Friday that ninety-four people were charged with participating in an alleged attempt to defraud the Medicare program out of $251 million. A Department of Justice press release explained that arrests related to the case were made in Miami, New York, Detroit and Baton Rouge.

  2. IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman’s June 8th speech before the OECD, described the anticipated use of joint audits of businesses engaged in cross-border activities. Joint audits could be conducted by tax authorities from different countries, sharing information in their fight against international tax fraud.
  3. Eleven paintings that had gone missing after WWII from the Pirmasens municipal museum’s collection were just recovered and returned to Germany. Among the returned paintings were three by German genre painter Heinrich Buerkel. As set forth by a press release, the grand-niece of deceased U.S. serviceman Harry Gursky had alerted U.S. officials about the paintings and surrendered them. The late Mr. Gursky might have stolen the paintings after the allied invasion of Germany in 1945. He may have brought the paintings into the U.S. and is believed to have hidden them in his basement.

    (One Of Heinrich Buerkel’s Paintings Returned To Germany)

    Photo Courtesy of ICE

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