This "Asset Search News Roundup" focuses on "politically exposed persons", some of whom would launder corruption monies.

  1. "Stolen Asset Recovery: Politically Exposed Persons, A Policy Paper On Strengthening Preventative Measures" was published in 2009 and it is available at the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative’s website.  The 2009 policy paper stated at page 17: "[I]f, as the World bank suggests, $1 trillion of corruption money is moving around the world each year, where is it? ….the money must be moving undetected through the banks and intermediaries and the current systems are failing to detect it".
  2. The Senate’s permanent subcommittee on investigations held a hearing on February 4, 2010 about politically exposed persons from abroad hiding corruption monies in the United States.  At this hearing, the investigations subcommittee released its 330-page report "Keeping Foreign Corruption Out Of The United States: Four Case Studies".  A news release mentioning the hearing explained: "…that politically powerful foreign officials, and those close to them, have found ways to use the U.S. financial system to protect and enhance their ill-gotten gains".  

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