This "Asset Search News Roundup" mentions the sentence of a former Louisiana congressman and the 14,700 U.S. taxpayers who sought partial amnesty from the IRS:

  • A November 13th FBI press release explained that Former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson was sentenced to thirteen years in prison for public corruption and other crimes.  As I discussed at the August 11th "Asset Search News Roundup", the former congressman was found guilty of soliciting bribes and then hiding them through money laundering.  He was also convicted of honest services wire fraud, racketeering and conspiracy.
  • Ms. Lynnley Browning’s article "14,700 Disclosed Offshore Accounts", reported that a number of U.S. taxpayers have voluntarily disclosed their secret foreign bank accounts as part of an IRS partial amnesty program.  As I wrote at "Some Abusive Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes At UBS", U.S. taxpayers who own a foreign bank account with assets in excess of $10,000 are required to disclose the same at Schedule B, Part III of their U.S. Individual Tax Return Form 1040. They must also separately file a TDF 90-22.1, (a.k.a. a "FBAR" form).

"14,700 Disclosed Offshore Accounts" indicated that the disclosing taxpayers will be treated with leniency despite their failure to make the above-mentioned filings.  It also stated that the taxpayers may have been prompted to make their disclosures because of the settlement of U.S.A. v. UBS AG, 1:09-cv-20423.  In that case, the IRS tried to compel UBS to supply foreign bank account information belonging to suspected U.S. tax cheats.  As fully described by "UBS & Its ‘John Doe’ Summons", the IRS sought this information by serving the John Doe Summons depicted below: 

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