As I previously mentioned at the December 5, 2008 "Asset Search News Roundup", former NYPD Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik is alleged to have been involved in a public corruption scheme and tax fraud.  Mr. Kerik’s superseding indictment in U.S.A. v. Bernard B. Kerik, 07-cr-1027, accuses him of trying to secure city contracts for a New Jersey company which had supposedly paid him illegally through apartment renovations.

Mr. Kerik could have accepted some of this alleged illegal payment after being sworn in as New York City’s 40th police commissioner.  He is also accused of concealing the same by failing to report it as taxable income and may have taken false deductions in a tax fraud.  Sup. Indict. ¶¶ 20 (c) & 28-31.  

Although Mr. Kerik had been freed because of the $500,000 bail package mentioned at "Former NYC police chief Kerik jailed before trial", he was remanded by an October 20, 2009 Order revoking the conditions of his supervised release.  Before issuing this Order, the Court presumably considered the Government’s October 14, 2009 letter:


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As more fully set forth in the October 14th Letter, Mr. Kerik was believed to be in contempt of court for violating a March 19, 2008 protective order.  According to the Letter, Mr. Kerik tried to prejudice potential jurors through extrajudicial statements.  Mr. Kerik had supposedly disclosed non-public and defamatory information about his case. 

This information was then reportedly disseminated through Twitter, Facebook and the "Kerik Legal Defense Trust" website.  Mr. Kerik will now apparently remain jailed pending the outcome of his upcoming trial.  As the New York Times reported in "Prosecutors Say Kerik Had Bill Faked for Renovation of His Apartment", Mr. Kerik’s trial was scheduled to start today but has been delayed in Court. 

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