My August 17th “Asset Search News Roundup” referred to the settlement of the case over the “John Doe” summons served on UBS in Miami.  As more fully discussed at “UBS & Its John Doe Summons“, the IRS had brought the case to identify U.S. tax cheats who concealed their UBS bank accounts in abusive offshore tax avoidance schemes.

The agreements settling the case are: the U.S. & Swiss Government Settlement, dated August 19, 2009 and the UBS Settlement With Consent To Public Disclosure.  Pursuant to the settlement, UBS is expected to supply the IRS with bank customer information belonging to about 4,450 suspected U.S. tax cheats.  UBS will also send the 4,450, (all of whom are believed to have secret Swiss bank accounts), this notice:

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Furthermore, UBS is producing the customer information only under its tax treaties with the U.S., rather than the “John Doe” summons it was served with in Miami.  The first of these controlling agreements, is the October 2, 1996 “Avoidance of Double Taxation Treaty”, described here.  The second is the January 23, 2003 Mutual Agreement, which clarified the earlier October 2, 1996 agreement.  These 1996 and 2003 tax treaties are examples of governmental authorities using formal cross-border cooperation, as described by my article: “Eliciting Evidence From Foreign Bank Witnesses“.

(Edited May 15, 2010)

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