Seizing mob assets and tipping the SEC:

  1. The article “Mafia hurt by asset seizures but still too strong to beat” suggests that Italian asset forfeiture laws are critically important in fighting the Italian mob.  The article quotes a magistrate in Naples who “told Reuters the confiscation of assets was a vital weapon, ‘more important even than the arrest and conviction of bosses,’ because of its visible impact in challenging mafia power.
  2. No End In Sight For Decade-Long Conn. Divorce Case” discusses Ms. Karen Kaiser and her ex-husband David Zilkha.  Ms. Kaiser gathered copies of e-mails from the couple’s home computer and these e-mails were eventually supplied as a tip to the SEC.  The e-mails allegedly help show that Mr. Zilkha had provided nonpublic information about Microsoft Corporation, to Pequot Capital Management, Inc. and Pequot’s founder, Arthur Samberg.  A 2010 news release explained that the SEC ultimately filed a complaint against Pequot and Samberg, for alleged insider trading.  The SEC also brought a related proceeding against Mr. Zilkha.  For their assistance with the underlying SEC insider trading investigation, Ms. Kaiser and her current husband received a $1 million dollar SEC whistleblower reward in 2010.

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