The article “Wirapol Sukphol, Jet-Set Buddhist Monk Shocks Thailand With Religious Scandal” discusses a Buddhist monk in Thailand suspected of misappropriating charitable donations to support his life of luxury.  This article indicates that the now former monk Wirapol Sukphol, may have collected charitable donations by swindling donors, to whom he reportedly once said: ‘Don’t worry, no need to rush. I’ll stay here until the last of you gets to donate.

Sukphol is thought to have accumulated assets worth an estimated $32 million.  He is additionally suspected of narco-trafficking, statutory rape, vehicular manslaughter and hiding assets by money laundering.  The article also features a video showing Sukphol traveling by private jet while seated alongside his Louis Vuitton carry-on:

The 33-year old Sukphol is believed to have laundered assets by using nominee bank accounts maintained in the names of his relatives; buying luxury automobiles; and by purchasing valuable real property.  The Bangkok Post reports that Thailand’s financial intelligence unit, the Anti-Money Laundering Office, has frozen these kinds of assets apparently owned by Sukphol.  A Thai arrest warrant has been issued for Sukphol and the Bangkok Post states that Sukphol is believed to be staying at his U.S. residence.

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