Asset search indicia, blocking assets under new Libyan sanctions programs & recovering an 18th century cultural artifact:

  1. "Asset Search Indicia For Divorce, Debt Collection & Bankruptcy" reviews measures beneficial owners may take to secrete assets.  It mentions fraudulent asset transfers, offshore bank accounts and additional elements that often have roles in asset concealment schemes.
  2. President Obama’s February 25th executive order and a February 21st Swiss statute available in German, block some of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s assets.  These new Libyan sanction programs and ones from the United Kingdom, the United Nations, the European Union and Spain are described by: US Treasury blocks record $30bn of Libya assets; and / or Swiss ban financial transfers to Gaddafi clan; and / or Gaddafi family asset probe has only just begun.

  3. At a February 23rd transfer ceremony in Ohio, an 18th-century cultural artifact was recovered from The Toledo Museum of Art by the German royal von Bruehl family.  The artifact known as the Nereid Sweetmeat Stand is worth over $1 million dollars and is pictured below.

    After the Nereid Sweetmeat Stand was stolen in Germany during WW II, a European art dealer sold it to a New York art gallery in 1955.  The Sweetmeat Stand was next purchased by The Toledo Museum of Art in 1956.  It was returned to the the von Bruehl family on February 23rd pursuant to a settlement agreement between The Toledo Museum and U.S. authorities.

  4. Photo: Immigration and Customs Enforcement

(Edited March 23, 2011)

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