$20 million airline-ticket fraud aided by hotel workers, prosecutors say” mentioned that suspected identity thieves and their supposed co-conspirators were indicted for allegedly using stolen credit card information to purchase airline tickets. These tickets are believed to have been sold on the U.S. black market at steep discounts to airline passengers.

A July 9th press release describing the indictments quoted a U.S. prosecutor as saying: ‘What began as a local law enforcement investigation ultimately exposed an extensive nationwide black market for airline tickets.‘ The U.S. black market is of course not the only way airline passengers might acquire tickets connected to alleged credit card frauds.

Jamaican authorities for example, are investigating Montego Bay, Jamaica resident Andrew Hemmings, about his possible acquisition of Spirit Airlines’ tickets during a suspected credit card fraud. To obtain evidence about this alleged fraud originating in Jamaica, Jamaican authorities issued the following legal assistance request / letter rogatory:

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