The July 4th "Asset Search News Roundup" concentrates on Rudolf Leopold and cross-border activities:

  1. Austrian museum director and art collector Rudolf Leopold died on Tuesday, as pointed out by both the Associated Press and the New York Times. According to the Copyright Litigation Blog’s July 2nd article, Mr. Leopold’s death basically raises the issue of Austria’s willingness to return Nazi-looted art, the subject of Holocaust-era art restitution claims.

  2. "Tracking Trevor Cook’s Assets Across U.S.-Swiss Borders" highlights how one particular Ponzi schemer could have used cross-border elements to launder criminal proceeds. The "Egmont Group" case study which follows, similarly demonstrates the use of cross-border elements, (i.e. multiple jurisdictions), by human traffickers and / or terrorist financiers.

(Above Case No. 08006, Courtesy of The Egmont Group)

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