Holocaust-era assets and securities fraudster Trevor Cook are the focus of this week’s "Asset Search News Roundup":

  1. An April 21, 2010 Bloomberg.com article explained that Berlin’s Free University went live with its website about Holocaust-era assets / "degenerate" art confiscated by the Nazis.  "During A War Everybody Loots A Little Bit", earlier mentioned that as much as 20 percent of Europe’s art is thought to have been looted by the Nazis.
  2. At "Hopes of cash stash dashed in Minneapolis money manager Trevor Cook case", the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported about a failed meeting between securities fraudster Trevor Cook and Cook Receiver R.J. Zayed.As explained by "Interdicting A Ponzi Schemer’s Assets", Receiver Zayed is trying to recover Cook Receivership assets.  The Receiver’s comments about his meeting with Mr. Cook, can be read below.

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