At “Target Of Corruption Probe Sues Hip-Hoppers For Supposed Fraud“, I first mentioned the nexus between former Turks & Caicos premier Michael Misick and Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.  The Forbes article “The Premier And The Hip-Hop Magazine” discussed the same thing and also quoted me.

This article specifically examined the Former Premier’s alleged investment in Hip Hop Weekly Magazine through My Way Productions 2.  The Forbes article additionally described Sir Robin Auld’s public corruption investigation of the Former Premier and asked at page 1:

 “How did My Way Productions 2 get its funding? According to the investigation carried out by Sir Robin Auld, Misick supplied a document that showed $300,000 was transferred to My Way Productions 2 in 2007 from a company called Windsor Investment Group. Misick claimed the money was a dividend from that company, which he and his brother partially owned.”

The supposed transfer of $300,000 dollars into My Way Productions 2 had been expressly mentioned at page 146 ¶¶4.75 & 4.76 of Sir Robin’s “Final Report to the Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands.*  The $300,000 dollars was also apparently discussed at pages 51, 53, & 54 of a transcript from the Former Premier ‘s January 14, 2009 public corruption hearing.  Besides all of the foregoing, assertions made by New Jersey lawyer David J. Finkler might too shed light on the Former Premier’s connection to Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.

During the now settled New Jersey lawsuit involving the Former Premier and Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Mr. Finkler made a special appearance on behalf of Z & M Media LLC.  (April 29, 2009 Transcript of Proceedings, available below).  At that time, Mr. Finkler characterized Z & M Media as the operating company for Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.  (Id. at page 10).

According to page 12 of the April 29, 2009 Transcript of Proceedings, Mr. Finkler had claimed that “Mr. and Mrs. Missek [sic] were putting money in as investors“.  He also then alleged that My Way Productions 2 had “helped write” an employment agreement reportedly related to Hip Hop Weekly Magazine and its co-founders David Mays and Raymond Scott.  (Id. at 13).

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*Final Report to the Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is reproduced under the terms of Crown Copyright Policy Guidance issued by HMSO

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