The January 29th "Asset Search News Roundup" talks about HealthSouth’s ex-chief Richard Scrushy and includes the most recent remarks of Assistant Secretary For Terrorist Financing David Cohen:

  • "HealthSouth Founder Scrushy Is Acquitted of Fraud" explained that Mr. Scrushy was acquitted in June of securities fraud and other criminal law violations. Mr. Scrushy was however, sentenced to prison in his separate bribery case. HealthSouth shareholders were also awarded a $2.8 billion dollar judgment against Mr. Scrushy. Some of the litigation by these shareholders / post-judgment creditors, is outlined at: "The Richard Scrushy asset search resumes".
  • My post "Transnationally Tracking The Assets Of Terrorists", briefly referred to the funding of Al Qaeda terrorists. Assistant Secretary For Terrorist Financing David Cohen just shared his thoughts about Al Qaeda, with the Council on Foreign Relations. To read the Assistant Secretary’s remarks, click on the following image:

Remarks Courtesy of U.S. Department of the Treasury.

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