The "Asset Search News Roundup: January 26, 2009 " mentioned that Heartland Payment Systems was subjected to what might have been the biggest credit / debit card information theft in the U.S.  Mr. Albert Gonzalez was ultimately indicted for that privacy law violation / computer intrusion and other ones.  In fact, Mr. Gonzalez pleaded guilty to criminal charges respectively brought in New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. 

As "Using Foreign Computer Evidence Against An Accused Hacker" indicated, Mr. Gonzalez had initially been accused of using multiple jurisdictions / cross-border elements to facilitate computer hacking, identity theft and money laundering.  A December 29th Department of Justice press release also apparently indicated that Mr. Gonzalez had used cross-border elements to commit his crimes. 

According to the December 29th press release, Mr. Gonzalez was an "international hacker" convicted because of "coordination across….geographical lines".  Page 7 paragraph (1) (c) of a November 20, 2009 plea agreement additionally suggests that Mr. Gonzalez used cross-border elements in his crimes.  It stated that he had leased or controlled computer servers in Latvia and Ukraine:

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