Warsaw Prosecutors Eye Possible Money Laundering At 50 Platowcowa Street “, mentioned that a tip letter led prosecutors from Poland to seek a letter rogatory via the U.S. Attorney in Delaware on October 14, 2009.  The Warsaw prosecutors used this particular letter rogatory to try to elicit evidence about Prime Invest L.L.C. in Delaware and the purchase of the former “Evita” mineral water plant in Biskupiec.

These prosecutors were investigating a possible violation of an anti-money laundering law codified at Article 299 of Poland’s penal law.  Prosecutors from Koszalin, Poland also recently sought their own letter rogatory through a November 23, 2009 application by the Delaware U.S. Attorney.  Like the prosecutors in Warsaw, they too had presumably followed the money trail to detect assets which might be concealed by money laundering in violation of Article 299.

According to their letter rogatory, the Koszalin prosecutors were apparently investigating Vlad Vladyslav Hubenko for a possible tax fraud and suspected laundering scheme.  Their letter rogatory mentioned a business entity known as “Hunter Universal LLC”, which reportedly resides in Delaware:

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Prosecutors from Poland also applied through the Delaware U.S. Attorney for another letter rogatory this past November 23.  This letter rogatory was sought by prosecutors from Bydgoszca.  They seem to be investigating the sale of fuel from Russia and Dorian Investments, Ltd., which was incorporated in Delaware.

Since financial investigators commonly know that shell companies prone to money laundering can easily be formed in Delaware, the filings of the above-described letters rogatory are no surprise.  I have previously written about this same laundering risk at “Domestic Shell Companies & An Asset Search” and “High-Risk Locations & An Asset Search“.

(Edited January 2, 2011)

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