Thehumanitarian non-profit Slovenian Red Cross operates in 12 regions with 916 local Red Cross organizations. Its former Secretary-General Mirko Jelenic however, is suspected of involvement in a criminal "breach of trust", as mentioned by Slovenian law. He might have used Slovenian Red Cross monies in a phony real estate sale agreed to in the year 2000.

GNN Inc., of 2316 Baynard Blvd.,Wilmington, could possibly also have been used as a nominee corporation to facilitate the supposed phony sale. The Delaware U.S. Attorney on behalf of prosecutors in Slovenia, therefore filed a motion on October 14, 2009 seeking the issuance of a letter rogatory about GNN Inc. The Court then issued its October 22, 2009 Order which permitted discovery via a letter rogatory about GNN Inc. in Delaware:

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On October 14, 2009 the Delaware U.S. Attorney had additionally sought the issuance of a different letter rogatory for prosecutors in Poland. As discussed at "Warsaw Prosecutors Eye Possible Money Laundering At 50 Platowcowa Street", the prosecutors in Poland too needed information from witnesses residing in Delaware, for a criminal investigation.

Letters rogatory are sometimes also an available legal remedy for: divorcing spouses, judgment creditors, etc. This is especially true if a divorcing spouse, judgment creditor, etc. is searching for assets that have been laundered through multiple jurisdictions and / or are hidden by cross-border elements.

(Edited December 10, 2009)

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