A tax filing at the "Financials Page" of its website reveals that the Alavi Foundation had assets in 2007 with a fair market value of nearly $88 million.  Federal prosecutors meanwhile, filed an amended complaint last Thursday against The Alavi Foundation.  It sought asset forfeiture, as reported by Reuters, The New York Times and an FBI press release.

According to these news accounts, the gravamen of the amended complaint is that the nonprofit Alavi Foundation allegedly concealed the Iranian Government’s true beneficial ownership of a N.Y.C. Fifth Avenue building. The Alavi Foundation may have done this along with Bank Melli and ASSA CO. LTD and ASSA CORP

As described at  "Bank Melli Accused Of Hiding Its Fifth Avenue Assets", Bank Melli, ASSA Co. LTD. and ASSA CORP. have all been linked to terrorist financing.  All three are currently the subject of Weapons of Mass Destruction sanctions programs and U.S. economic sanctions.

After the filing of the amended complaint, the Court also acted pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §981 and issued a Warrant of Seizure for Alavi Foundation monies maintained at Sterling National Bank:


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