The October 11th Asset Search News Roundup describes what could have been the use of cross-border elements to launder the proceeds of a securities fraud. The interdiction of $41 million from bulk cash smuggling in Mexico and Colombia, is also discussed.

In that case, (known as Philips v. Cook, 09-cv-01732), proceeds from an alleged securities fraud might have been laundered across international borders and transferred into Switzerland, Panama, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom. "Investors fear money went south — to Panama", mentioned these particular cross-border elements in connection with the Phillips case.

  • Bulk cash and other smuggling continues even though cargo containers can be screened by X-ray and gamma ray machines and radiation detection devices at ports like the one in Cartagena, depicted below. This past September, $41 million in U.S. currency was interdicted from bulk cash smugglers who had used cargo containers.

A press release states that the $41 million was hidden in the cargo containers at Colombian and Mexican ports. Other articles herein about smuggling cash include: "Concealing Assets By Smuggling Cash", "Smuggling Cash Across Iraq’s Border" and "A Yola, A Police Sergeant & A Restauranteur".

The Port of Cartagena, Colombia

Picture: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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