"An Asset Search, Tax Fraud & Divorce" mentioned that Brian, (a former high-ranking official at the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, who had earlier been an IRS special agent), said: "Once a tax fraud investigation starts rolling along, nobody knows where it may end up". 

Today’s "Asset Search News Roundup" is similarly about the numerous individuals just arrested because a money laundering investigation ended up uncovering suspected public corruption crimes in New Jersey.  As yesterday’s Department of Justice press release basically indicated, federal investigators had initially focused on some money laundering circuits.  In these money laundering circuits, five rabbis had supposedly washed monies by using charities; and / or a Brooklyn Bakery; and / or other  "cash houses".

Cash couriers, (whom I referenced in my April 13 2009 Asset Search News Roundup), also reportedly helped wash the monies across borders, between Israel and the United States.  The money laundering investigation however, eventually expanded and led to the arrests of three mayors, a deputy mayor, two assemblyman and many others, for suspected public corruption crimes in New Jersey.

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