Suspected Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford may have facilitated one of the largest financial frauds known to date.  Any receivers, investors or other stakeholders with claims against Mr. Stanford under bankruptcy or other laws, are of course trying to interdict Stanford’s assets.  As I mentioned in my "March 25, 2009 Asset Search News Roundup", these competing interests of numerous stakeholders / plaintiffs can be a significant problem. 

Some of these problems are highlighted by S.E.C. receiver Ralph Janvey’s April 23, 2009 Report in S.E.C. v. Stanford International Bank Ltd et. al., Index No.: 3-09-CV-0298.  The April 23rd Report explains that receiver Janvey lacked standing to intervene in proceedings related to Mr. Stanford’s assets in Antigua, according to the Antiguan Court.  (Report of the Receiver, dated April 23, 2009, at page 19).  The report also stated that despite an April 1, 2009 meeting, there was no "concrete cooperation agreement" between receiver Janvey and Antiguan liquidators searching for Stanford’s assets. 

As was also reported, Mr. Stanford seeks to disqualify opposing counsel Baker Botts L.L.P. — which is one of the law firms working for receiver Janvey.  Through his motion and / or accompanying brief, Mr. Stanford claimed that Baker Botts was his attorney and that it set up the very business entities / bank involved in Stanford’s alleged fraud. (Accompanying Brief, at pp. 2-4).  Mr. Stanford additionally argued that Baker Botts: "turn[ed] on its former client to dismantle and disembowel the very corporate structures and product lines the law firm created, likely using privileged information in the process.  (Id. at p. 4).

Adding to the above-mentioned complexities, is the fact that about 400 individuals or entities, (possibly defrauded out of more than $100 million by Mr. Stanford), had earlier filed their own intervenor motion and supporting paper, in S.E.C. v. Stanford International Bank Ltd. et. al.  Difficulties caused by competing interests in a different fraud case, are described by my local Swiss counsel in: "Forced Collections Against A Fraudster Like Madoff".

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