My post "Asset Search & Fraud Investigation" mentions an August 1, 2006 report on offshore tax haven abuses. Pages six to seven of that 2006 report claimed that Quellos Group LLC hid $2 billion in capital gains from the IRS.  After the report was issued, Quellos was acquired by BlackRock Inc. on October 1, 2007.

I discuss Quellos in this "Asset Search News Roundup" because a Seattle federal grand jury has just indicted ex-Quellos chief Jeffrey I. Greenstein, attorney Charles Wilk, (who has a Master’s Degree in tax law), and tax attorney Matthew Krane.  As the New York Times and a June 4 Department of Justice press release explained, the indictment in U.S.A. v. Krane, et. al., Docket No. 2:08-cr-00296, arises out of a supposed tax fraud. 

If the allegations of the June 4, 2009 superseding indictment in Krane are true, then Mr. Greenstein, Mr. Wilk and Mr. Krane may have hidden assets by exploiting foreign bank secrecy laws .  The three might have also hidden assets by using multiple jurisdictions and a shell company.  These and some other asset concealment methods, are listed in "Asset Search Indicia For Divorce, Debt Collection & Bankruptcy".

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