Two U.S. mayors suspected of public corruption crimes are mentioned in this "Asset  Search News Roundup".  The first mayor described below, might have concealed a bribe via a home renovation.  The second one is suspected of hiding gifts.  Meanwhile, a third mayor was just arrested along with his wife for an alleged insurance fraud relating to Hurricane Katrina of 2005.

  • Mayor Sheila Dixon of Baltimore, Maryland, is believed to have hidden gifts and failing to make the necessary financial disclosures about them.  "List of charges against Mayor Sheila Dixon", provides specific details about the January 9th indictment of Mayor Dixon.  Based on both "List of charges against Mayor Sheila Dixon" and a Wall Street Journal article, the Mayor’s supposed scheme included her larcenous taking of holiday gift cards intended for the needy. 
  • Gulfport, Mississippi Mayor Gregory Brent Warr and his wife, Laura Jean Warr, were recently arrested for a suspected insurance fraud arising from Hurricane Katrina.  According to "Miss. Mayor, Wife Charged for Katrina Fraud", the Mayor and Mrs. Warr are accused of defrauding FEMA and an insurer out of $222,798.10.  Their alleged insurance fraud is also described in a Department of Justice press release.

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