A "Misappropriated Public Assets" civil petition in France claims that the presidents of Gabon, Congo Brazzaville and Equatorial Guinea are likely hiding assets.  The "Misappropriated Public Assets" petition against the three heads of state was filed December 2, 2008 by both Transparency International (France) and the Sherpa Association

The assets at issue in France might possibly originate from public funds stolen by President Bongo, President Denis Sassou-Nguesso and President Obiang Nguema.  As a December 2, 2008 press release partly mentions, all three presidents may be using their relatives as nominees to hide valuable real estate and automobiles in France.  President Bongo and President Denis Sassou-Nguesso could also be hiding assets in France through offshore bank accounts opened there.

President Bongo is suspected of hiding 39 Apartments, 70 bank accounts and 9 automobiles.  President Denis Sassou-Nguesso might similarly be concealing 18 apartments, 112 bank accounts and 1 vehicle.  Meanwhile, President Obiang Nguema may be hiding 1 apartment and 8 automobiles.  These particular assets were uncovered during a 2007 police investigation and had been the subject of earlier legal proceedings. 

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