An asset search may reveal assets concealed by a public corruption scheme; cash smuggling; or money laundering.  Accordingly, this "Asset Search News Roundup" examines the following:

(A)  On October 28, Massachusetts State Senator Dianne Wilkerson was arrested on a criminal complaint for public corruption.  As reported at "FBI: Photos Show Massachusetts Lawmaker Stuffing Bribes in Bra", federal agents allegedly recorded State Senator Wilkerson concealing bribe monies under her sweater, in her bra.  Twelve photos from the undercover operation can be viewed here.


(B)  U.S. border police searching two motor homes on October 26, found $38,780 which had been hidden at the Blue Water Bridge border crossing in Lake Huron, Michigan.  As a press release explained, the smuggled cash was concealed in: a safe built into a closest; a personal bag; a bathroom cabinet with a false floor; and in another compartment.  Just one day before the $38,780 was discovered, border police at the Blue Water Bridge interdicted $2 million in ecstasy pills hidden in a truck.     

(C)  "Risk-Based Approach for Casinos" and "Risk-Based Approach Guidance for Legal Professionals", were recently released / published at the website of The Financial Action Task Force.  The Financial Action Task Force is a leading transnational organization against money laundering.


Copyright 2008 Fred L. Abrams