The instant "Asset Search News Roundup" mentions a suspected tax cheat who may have absconded to Costa Rica; Switzerland’s release of $60 million belonging to a leading Pakistani politician; and that software designed to combat financial crime is being tested in Australia:

  • Michael Miskin is under investigation for parking undeclared revenue at Liechtenstein’s LGT Bank, but may have absconded to Costa Rica.  According to The Sunday Times of London, Mr. Miskin is suspected of tax fraud because he was identified in a stolen LGT Bank customer list.  The Sunday Times also reported that Mr. Miskin had used LGT Bank to hide assets from his wife during divorce proceedings five years ago.
  • The New York Times reported that Swiss authorities have released about $60 million beneficially owned by leading politician Asif Ali Zardari, who may soon be named Pakistan’s president. Mr. Zardari’s funds were frozen as early as 1997 because of a  Swiss money laundering probe.
  • The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, recently advised that its "goAML" software will be tested by the Egmont Group through the Australian Financial Intelligence Unit,  "AUSTRAC".   A news release about the testing, explained that "goAML" is already being used in Canada and is designed to combat financial crimes like money laundering and terrorist financing.  Further information about "goAML" is described at its six page brochure.

 Copyright 2008 Fred L. Abrams