April 18, 2013 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM in New York City, at the New York County Lawyers’ Association:

New York County Lawyers’ Association
14 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10007

To attend, please contact the New York County Lawyers’ Association at telephone no. (212) 267-6646.


6:00-6:10 PM         Introduction & Opening Remarks
                                    Fred L. Abrams

6:10-7:00 PM         The Ubiquitous Problem Of  Hidden Assets
                                    Fred L. Abrams

  • How Ponzi schemers, tax cheats, divorcing spouses, etc., may hide assets from domestic authorities and everyone else
  • Following A Money Trail
    • U.S. Bank Secrecy Laws
    • Contaminated or Spurious Tips
  • Recovering assets by using whistleblowers / tipsters in your client’s court case

7:00-7:05 PM         Break

7:05-7:55 PM         Tipping The IRS Via Its Whistleblower Program
                                    Jack Blum

  • Swiss Bank Julius Baer whistleblower, Rudolf Elmer
  • LGT Group’s former Liechtenstein computer technician, Heinrich Kieber

7:55-8:00 PM           Break

8:00 -8:50 PM          Interdicting Assets Hidden Across U.S.
                                       Robert Fiechter

  • Bringing Forced Collection Proceedings In Switzerland & Other Countries
    • Swiss Professional Secrecy Laws
  • Recovering Assets By Using Criminal & Civil Law Tools
    • Seeking Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty & Related Relief

8:50-9:00 PM         Q & A