By using forensic computer experts in your divorce, you might identify a money trail leading to community property your spouse hid from you. In fact, you may be able to ask the Court to appoint a forensic computer expert to act as special master in your case. This special master would examine your spouse’s computer for any evidence showing your spouse hid community property.  As part of this examination, the special master would copy the computer’s hard drive. Then, the special master could search the copy by using keywords based on the facts in your case. To cite one example, if you suspected your spouse hid assets at a bank in Luxembourg, the special master could use “Luxembourg” as a search query.

At the time of your divorce, you might use forensic computer experts for reasons other than just tracking community property. In Stein v. Needle the Court appointed Special Counsel, Inc., as special master in connection with a civil lawsuit Dr. Stein filed against Mrs. Stein.  Among other things, Special Counsel, Inc. offers forensic computer examinations. At the civil lawsuit, Dr. Stein alleged Mrs.Stein hacked into Dr. Stein’s computer database during the couple’s divorce.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Stein claimed she only accessed Dr. Stein’s database to preserve evidence reportedly showing Dr. Stein was hiding community property. To read about Special Counsel, Inc’s forensic computer examination in Stein v. Needle, click on the image below.

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