The Premier And The Hip-Hop Magazine” published by Forbes on March 3, 2010, observed that special prosecutor Helen Garlick had so far not filed public corruption or other charges against former Turks & Caicos Islands premier Michael Misick.  The March 3rd article also pointed out that the former premier and his ex-wife U.S. actress LisaRaye McCoy, were alleged to have invested monies in the US-based Hip Hop Weekly magazine.

$300,000 dollars for example, might have been transferred in 2007 to Hip Hop Weekly through companies known as My Way Productions 2 and the Windsor Investment Group.  The former premier and Ms. McCoy seemed deeply involved in My Way Productions 2, as more fully set forth at “The Former Premier’s Nexus To Hip Hop Weekly Magazine” and “The Actress, An Ex-Premier & Hip Hop Weekly Magazine“.  Windsor Investment Group meanwhile, was apparently partially owned by the former premier and his brother, Chal Misick.

The former premier, Ms. McCoy, Chal Misick and the Windsor Group are now thought to possibly be subject to a June 23, 2011 restraining order which allegedly froze the former premier’s assets worldwide.  The Turks & Caicos Sun has reported that the alleged June 23rd order “was made” by special prosecutor Garlick and that it lists the former premier, Ms. McCoy, Chal Misick, the Windsor Group and others.

The supposed June 23rd order could actually have been issued by the Court in the Turks & Caicos Islands pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Ordinance 2007, as amended by the Proceeds of Crime Ordinance 2010.  Pages 39-41 at §§ 42-44 of the 2007 ordinance, authorize the Court to restrain assets because of suspected crimes including alleged money laundering.

Despite the foregoing, the controlling question in this case could be: How might special prosecutor Garlick try to recover the former premier’s assets when much of the same may be parked in multiple jurisdictions across the globe? The answer may ultimately lie in using mutual legal assistance treaties to forfeit assets.  Such a treaty is cited at The Mutual Legal Assistance (U.S.A.) Ordinance and said ordinance is available here.

Copyright 2011 Fred L. Abrams