The Ministerio Publico and the General Prosecutor of Guatemala assert that ex-president of Guatemala’s Congress Reuben Dario Morales Veliz, could have received graft payments in a public corruption scheme.  Payments believed to be connected to the alleged corruption scheme may have been laundered through Guatemalan and U.S. bank accounts.

To collect evidence regarding one of these U.S. bank accounts, the Guatemalan prosecutors drafted a letter rogatory which was filed on May 21st in Miami federal court pursuant to the Inter-American Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, (U.S.-Guatemala, September 3, 1997, S. Treaty Doc. No. 105-25 {1997}).  As a review of page six of the letter rogatory shows, the prosecutors seek opening documents, signature cards, etc. for a particular bank account at the Miami-based TotalBank

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