"How To Minimize Your Assets" published at a webpage belonging to Assetprotection.com, indicates that a judgment debtor can mitigate the risk of forced collection proceedings "[b]y becoming a smaller target".  The Assetprotection.com website is also replete with asset protection diagrams.  In cases that illicit proceeds are being hidden, some of these same diagrams could actually be laundering "link charts".

The third chart displayed from the top of its "Domestic Asset Protection Strategies" webpage, suggests that nominees, shell companies, bearer shares and loan agreements may all be effectively used to hide a true beneficial owner’s assets.  These components meanwhile, can be abused by money launderers seeking to wash their monies via "back-to-back" loans from financial institutions.

As partly shown below and more fully described at "Laundered Assets", a back-to-back loan appears at first glance to be an arm’s length transaction but conceals the fact that the borrower and lender are one and the same:

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