The January 6th article “Three in al Qaeda drug case plead not guilty in NY” discussed suspected terrorist financing by some West African men.  According to a December 18, 2009 press release, the criminal case against these men involved the alleged transnational funding of Al Qaeda terrorists through narco-trafficking.

Terrorist Financing, Money Laundering & Financial Intelligence Units” referred to another case of suspected terrorist funding.  It mentioned the Egmont Group’s money laundering typology case numbered 06063:

 (Above Case# 06063: Courtesy of The Egmont Group)

Typology “06063” gives a glimpse of how financial investigators transnationally tracked assets concealed by two Northern Africans.  These Northern Africans had possibly transferred terrorist funds and were suspected of being in “a terrorist organization involved in the attacks of 11 September 2001“.

Attorney and former Israeli Army Captain Richard Horowitz, practices in the areas of anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, etc.  He too recently discussed the problem of terrorism while attending an October 2009 seminar co-sponsored in Malaga, Spain, by The Council of Europe and other groups.  Mr. Horowitz was the only American who attended the seminar and one of the nine seminar panelists.  His remarks from the seminar can be read here.

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