The General Inspector of Financial Control in Poland received an anonymous tip letter about alleged suspicious activity.  This tip ultimately related to Ukraine resident Sergly Savchuk;  Prime Invest L.L.C. of Florida and the Sesa Polska & Tecza Mazur limited liability companies of 50 Platowcowa Street, Warsaw:

The Warsaw Circuit Prosecutor’s Office next started their financial fraud investigation of Sesa Polska and Tecza Mazur at 50 Platowcowa Street.  These Warsaw prosecutors presumably wanted to determine whether the Platowcowa Street companies, Prime Invest LLC and Mr. Savchuk, had laundered money in violation of Article 299 of Poland’s penal law.

It soon became apparent that Prime Invest L.L.C was a suspected shell company that had maintained a bank account in Poland.  Mr. Savchuk might have also beneficially owned Prime Invest L.L.C. and had possibly used it in 2004 for the nominee purchase of the former “Evita” mineral water plant in Biskupiec.

Prime Invest L.L.C. additionally had an agent in Delaware.  To elicit evidence about Prime Invest L.L.C., the Warsaw prosecutors decided on using a letter rogatory (a.k.a. request for legal assistance) in Delaware.

The Warsaw prosecutors pursued their letter rogatory through the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware on October 14, 2009, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1782 (Assistance to foreign and international tribunals and to litigants before such tribunals). On October 22, 2009 the U.S. District Court issued its Order permitting disclosure about Prime Invest L.L.C. via the Warsaw prosecutor’s letter rogatory:

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