Goering Hoards Nudes, Jingles Emeralds in Catalog of Looted Art“, quotes Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering as having said: “During a war everybody loots a little bit“.  The May 28, 1945 Time Magazine article “Art: Goring’s Beauties“, valued Goering’s collection of Nazi-looted art at $200,000,000.

Here is a June 9, 1945 photograph of part of that art collection recovered from Goering, as it was being cataloged and temporarily stored near Berchtesgaden in the German Bavarian Alps:

  Photo: National Archives and Records Administration

Since more than 20% of Europe’s art is believed to have been looted by the Nazis, it is no surprise that Holocaust-era art restitution cases continue to this day.  Articles I have written about these cases include:

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