Financial Intelligence Units, local law enforcement, prosecutors, etc. can visually analyze data through “link charts” like the one used by U.S. Treasury’s Office Of Foreign Assets Control to depict the drug trafficking network of Medellin-based Francisco Antonio Florez Upegui:

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Governmental authorities use link charts to help discover associations or patterns in voluminous data.  Depending on the kind of investigation, a governmental authority may use a link chart to analyze: medical prescriptions, telephone toll records, cash deposits, border crossings and other things.

Software with link charting features can even be used to help a government search for and forfeit illicit assets.  GoAML / goATR, is asset tracking software with this charting ability and is briefly mentioned at “Asset Forfeiture Goes Global“.  Link charts may additionally be used in court to corroborate an aggrieved party’s claim that an adversary has dissipated or hidden: marital, probate, business, or other assets.

Chart: U.S. Treasury Office Of Foreign Assets Control

(Edited May 6, 2012)

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