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Asset Search News Roundup: July 31, 2013

Posted in Asset Search News, Bankruptcy, Money Laundering, Public Corruption

Hiding assets via jewelry or other portable valuable commodities and former Turks & Caicos premier Michael Misick: “On the trail of Michael Mastro: how to flee the law when you are 87” is about Michael & Linda Mastro.  These two might have secretly transferred bankruptcy estate assets by shipping a Range Rover full of jewelry, (i.e…. Continue Reading

Asset Search News Roundup: November 14, 2012

Posted in Asset Search News, Bankruptcy, White-Collar Crime Generally

This Asset Search News Roundup reports on Michael and Linda Mastro’s supposed concealment of two diamond rings- The October 25, 2012 indictment of Michael Mastro and his wife Linda, alleges violations of money laundering and bankruptcy fraud laws.  Among other things, the indictment accuses the Mastros of fraudulently hiding portable valuable commodities, such as a… Continue Reading

Seattle’s Ubiquitous Asset Protection Lawyer, Ms. Mary Simon

Posted in Asset Search/Fraud Investigation, Bankruptcy, White-Collar Crime Generally

The U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations August 1, 2006 report on offshore tax haven abuses explains that assets can be hidden with the assistance of  “lawyers, brokers, bankers, offshore service providers, and others” offering offshore asset protection.  Seattle lawyer Mary Simon appears to have especially provided offshore asset protection services that featured Belizean trusts. As revealed by… Continue Reading

Collecting Evidence In An Offshore Asset Search

Posted in Asset Search/Fraud Investigation, Bankruptcy, Divorce & Child Support, Swiss Banks

The pretrial discovery phase of a divorce, bankruptcy or other legal matter is often the best chance one has to collect evidence of any assets hidden offshore.   The attached letter rogatory* submitted to the Swiss court, was included in one divorcing wife’s pretrial effort to gather such evidence. At the time of pretrial discovery in… Continue Reading

Asset Search News Roundup: November 26, 2011

Posted in Asset Search News, Bankruptcy, Tax Fraud

Investigating assets by issuing subpoenas and a letter rogatory— It is well-known that subpoenas may play a critically important role in an asset investigation.  To try to locate bankruptcy estate assets for example, the trustee in Michael Mastro’s bankruptcy case subpoenaed credit card records from Amercian Express and a credit file from Equifax.  An earlier… Continue Reading

Red Flags In One Of Washington State’s Largest Bankruptcies

Posted in Asset Search/Fraud Investigation, Bankruptcy

In one of the largest bankruptcies in Washington state history, Chapter 7 trustee James F. Rigby Jr. is searching for assets that belong to Michael R. Mastro’s bankruptcy estate.  The bankruptcy estate assets could include everything from life insurance polices to expensive jewelry and other portable valuable commodities.  During the March 24, 2010 deposition of… Continue Reading

Mr. Mastro’s Bankruptcy Estate & His Self-Settled Trusts

Posted in Asset Search/Fraud Investigation, Bankruptcy

Although real estate developer Michael R. Mastro tried to protect assets by forming three trusts, the Court in Mr. Mastro’s bankruptcy case still found these trusts to be void.  According to the Court’s May 28, 2010 order, the trusts were void as to Mr. Mastro’s creditors because the trusts were “self-settled” (i.e. created and funded… Continue Reading

Trustee Rigby’s Latest Lawsuit Over Mastro Estate Assets

Posted in Asset Search/Fraud Investigation, Bankruptcy

My November 1, 2009 article highlighted the Chapter 7 bankruptcy case of real estate developer Michael R. Mastro. At “Trustee in Mastro bankruptcy goes after four new targets“, the Seattle Times too commented on Mr. Mastro and wrote about one of the latest lawsuits filed to recover Mr. Mastro’s bankruptcy estate assets. The lawsuit was… Continue Reading

Mr. Mastro Supposedly Transfers His Rolls Royce & Other Assets

Posted in Asset Search/Fraud Investigation, Bankruptcy

“Bankruptcy Fraud, Money Laundering & Hidden Assets” outlines how a Chapter 7 debtor hid his Porsche and Rolls Royce and other assets.  That debtor eventually pleaded guilty to violating 18 U.S.C. §152 (Concealment of assets; false oaths and claims; bribery) and one count of 18 U.S.C §157 (Bankruptcy fraud).  “An Asset Search For Automobiles” similarly… Continue Reading