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Assets Hidden By Nominees, Fraudulent Transfers & Trusts

Posted in Asset Search/Fraud Investigation, Divorce & Child Support, Fraudulent Asset Transfers, Tax Fraud

To cheat you out of your fair share, your divorcing spouse, a business partner, an executor handling a decedent’s estate or someone else may hide assets from you.  As a result of an asset search or other investigation you might uncover a money trail for these hidden assets. If you follow the money trail & locate… Continue Reading

Divorce & Hidden Money: Collecting Evidence About Assets Concealed By A Trust

Posted in Bankruptcy, Divorce & Child Support, Divorce & Hidden Money, Fraudulent Asset Transfers

My post “Four Asset Concealment Tools” says that assets can be hidden by fraudulently transferring them to a trust.  This 15th post in the “Divorce & Hidden Money” series concentrates on the evidence a divorcing spouse might try to collect if marital assets are concealed by a trust. A spouse can use the pretrial discovery phase of a… Continue Reading

Badges Of Fraud In Debt Collection, Divorce & Bankruptcy

Posted in Asset Search/Fraud Investigation, Bankruptcy, Divorce & Child Support, Fraudulent Asset Transfers

When fraudulent transfers are used to hide assets the subject of a debt collection, divorce, or bankruptcy case, the Court looks for badges of fraud.  As explained in Wall Street Associates v. Brodsky, 257 A.D.2d 526, 529 (1st Dept 1999), the badges of  fraud for fraudulent asset transfers or conveyances are: A Close Relationship Between… Continue Reading