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Red Flags In The Case Of Fraudster Elaine White

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From about 2006-2012, Canadian Elaine White offered an asset tracking service to her clients who were divorcing spouses, Ponzi scheme victims and others who were searching for hidden money.  Ms. White apparently told her clients that she could detect offshore bank accounts which contained the hidden money they were looking for.  Ms. White then supplied her clients with purported bank account information from the offshore banks.

As described at “A Suspected Fraudulent Asset Recovery Business,” Ms. White is the subject of a criminal prosecution in Virginia because of her asset tracking business.  On October 7, 2013 the Court accepted Ms. White’s guilty plea to Count Two of her April 10, 2013 indictment (i.e. conspiracy to commit money laundering).

The Statement of Facts at her plea agreement showed that instead of providing genuine information to her clients, Ms. White supplied “false and fraudulent data and fabricated bank records…”  Ms. White’s asset tracking raised at least two red flags.

First, how could Ms. White reliably collect bank account information, when banks protect this information from public disclosure?  Second, although Ms. White had been licensed in Ontario, Canada as a private investigator, she was not licensed there from 2006 to 2012– which was the time she offered to investigate / track  assets.

A records search¹ reveals that governmental authorities in Ontario last  licensed Ms. White to act as a private investigator, from September 9, 1999 to June 30, 2005:

¹Records Search Partly Redacted Herein For Privacy Reasons, Courtesy Of The Ontario Ministry Of Safety & Correctional Services.

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