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Lawsuit Claims PI’s Could Have Illegally Accessed Bank Info

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On January 12, 2011, my local counsel commenced a civil lawsuit in Puerto Rico against two private investigators.  One of the defendants in the January 12th lawsuit* was Mr. Terry L. Gilbeau of Rocklin, California.  Mr. Gilbeau is a newly admitted attorney, a Certified Fraud Examiner and president of the Checkmate Investigative Services Inc. private investigation firm.

Another defendant in the January 12th lawsuit was private investigator Nicole Bocra of the Virginia-based Infinity Investigative Solutions company.  The January 12th lawsuit alleged that the two private investigators might have conspired to illegally access bank customer information at Banco Popular of Puerto Rico.  According to this lawsuit, the investigators could have participated in the possible conspiracy while researching whether some bank accounts were connected to plaintiff Victoria Florea’s divorce.

Upon plaintiff Florea’s application, the Court eventually dismissed the January 12th lawsuit without prejudice.  On October 17, 2011, plaintiff Florea then filed a new lawsuit against these private investigators.  The October 17th lawsuit alleges defendant Bocra first executed a December 5, 2007 agreement to search for bank accounts on behalf of plaintiff Florea.  This lawsuit claims that defendants Bocra and / or Gilbeau might have next conspired to illegally access a bank account opening document and other banking information.

An alleged April 6, 2009 e-mail attached to the lawsuit, seems to describe one supposed attempt to access banking information.  The alleged e-mail is addressed to plaintiff Florea and is believed to have been written by defendant Bocra.  It refers to a so-called “information purveyor” and says “but the bank management is watching the file like a hawk, and they are just waiting for their opportunity to make a copy”:


An alleged February 4th 2009 e-mail is thought to have similarly been written by defendant Bocra.  It too is attached to the October 17th lawsuit and mentions both a “Puerto [R]ico pi” and a prospective meeting “to get the signature card:



The above-described October 17th lawsuit was initially filed in the Court of First Instance for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, San Juan Part.  It was removed on November 11, 2011, to the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico.  A copy of the October 17th lawsuit with an English translation, is available here:

(Click On The Image To Read The Lawsuit*)


*Lawsuits supplied w/o exhibits; plaintiff’s address redacted for privacy reasons.

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