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Turning To Financial Investigators During Asset Recoveries

Posted in Asset Search/Fraud Investigation, Divorce & Child Support, Financial Institutions, Swiss Banks, Tax Fraud, Using Financial Investigators

"An Asset Search In Geneva" outlines the typical legal remedies for recovering assets secreted at banks in Switzerland.  The legal remedies range from civil proceedings brought to attach bank accounts to employing criminal law tools.  These remedies are not just limited to Switzerland as they are often available in many countries around the world. 

Besides attaching assets, using criminal law tools, etc., financial investigators sometimes play a part in asset search or recovery cases.  A financial investigator’s participation in one asset recovery case is described at the article "An Asset Search, Tax Fraud & Divorce".  It quotes the ex-IRS special agent "Brian" who had once been a high-ranking official at the U.S. financial intelligence unit known as "FinCen". 

"An Asset Search, Tax Fraud & Divorce" essentially demonstrates how Brian sought human intelligence about a divorcing husband thought to have hidden marital assets and committed tax fraud.  More articles featuring financial investigators are: "An Asset Search In Switzerland", "Following The Money Trail In Zurich" and "Fighting Financial Fraud At UK Banks".  They refer to a former Criminal Intelligence Specialist at Scotland Yard; and / or a former foreign intelligence officer; and / or a former bank vice president responsible for financial fraud investigations.

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